Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which class will get me an endorsement on my Missouri driver's license?

A. Students who have successfully completed either the Beginner RiderCourse or the H-D@ New RiderCourse will receive a course completion card. Present this course completion card at any Missouri license office within a calendar year to obtain the M endorsement on your Missouri driver's license. Please check your local Missouri license office for information regarding fees and documentation required.

Q. When is the next class, and how much does it cost?

A. Each training site is an independent training provider that sets their own schedule and tuition fee. Please see our map of training locations and contact your local training provider to find out their class fee and schedule.

Q. Why isn!t the class free to Missouri residents like it is in Illinois?

A. Illinois motorcycle riders pay an annual fee to support rider education in their state. The Missouri Motorcycle Safety Program does not receive any money from motorcycle riders.

Q. I am a resident of another state, can I take the beginner motorcycle class in Missouri and get my motorcycle endorsement in my home state?

A. Your home state sets its own policy with regards to motorcycle licensing and training reciprocity. You should always check with the license office in your home state BEFORE signing up for a Missouri class. It is your responsibility to know whether or not your Missouri completion card will be accepted in your home state before you register.

Q. I am a resident of Missouri, can I take the MSF BRC in another state and get my motorcycle endorsement on my Missouri Driver's License?

A. No. The Missouri State Highway Patrol, Examination Division, which can be reached at (573) 526 6221, does not recognize any MSF training that takes place outside of Missouri. The only exception to the policy is for Active Duty Military Personnel. See the next item for more information.

Q. I am in the military, I am a permanent resident of Missouri with a Missouri Driver's License; however, I am stationed outside the state. Can I take an MSF class at my current duty location and get my Missouri endorsement?

A. Maybe. On July 12th, 2012 Missouri Governor Jay Nixon signed into law SB 719, which partly states "the successful completion of a military motorcycle rider training course that meets or exceeds the Motorcycle Safety Foundation curriculum standards by an applicant who is an active member of the U.S. armed forces, shall constitute an actual demonstration of the person's ability to exercise due care in the operation of a motorcycle or motor tricycle, and no further driving test shall be required to obtain a motorcycle or motortricycle license or endorsement (section 302.173)." Contact your local Missouri driver's licensing office to determine if the military motorcycle training course you plan to take outside of Missouri will qualify you for a motorcycle endorsement under this law.

Q. Is the class required to get my endorsement?

A. No. You can also get your license by taking the written test and the riding test at an approved testing site. If you choose this method you must provide your own motorcycle for testing.

Q. How do I get a learner's permit?

A. You can get a learner's permit by taking the written Motorcycle Operator's test at your local state testing office. Click for MO DMV

Q. Do I need to take a permit test at the DMV before the class?

A. No. You will have to take the state written test before you receive your motorcycle endorsement but you do not have to take it before you take the class. Click for MO DMV

Q. I'm under 18, can I take the class?

A. Yes. As stated by Missouri state law, Missouri Motorcycle RiderCourses are open to any person who is, "At least fifteen and one-half (15 1/2) years (15 years and 182 days) old on the day the course begins." Students under the age of 18 must have the written permission of a parent or legal guardian.

Q. Do your classes teach me how to "lay it down"?

A. NO. "Laying a bike down" is crashing. We do not teach students how to crash. We teach students how to use mental strategies combined with advanced braking and swerving techniques so they do not have to crash their bike.

Q. What about wheelies and stunts?

A. Wheelies, Stoppies and stunt riding are not recognized as effective accident-avoidance strategies. We do not teach those skills.

Q. Do you guarantee I will graduate if I pay the course fee?

A. There are no guarantees that you will pass the course no matter how much you pay. We will do everything within our power to help you be successful, but you must show a minimum level of skill in order to stay in the class and graduate. Your instructors are required to dismiss any student who becomes a safety hazard or fails to respond to coaching.

Q. Do I get a refund if I get dismissed or if I don't graduate?

A. Check with your local training site regarding their refund policies before you sign up for the class.

Q. What do I need to bring with me?

A. For the classroom session, you need to bring your I.D. If you are under 18 years old, you will also need to bring a parent or guardian to the beginning of the class to sign a waiver. For the riding sessions you need to have a DOT helmet, eye protection, a long sleeve shirt or jacket, full fingered gloves, long pants, and sturdy footwear that covers your ankle. If you are riding your own motorcycle, you must bring current registration and proof of insurance.

Q. Will you provide me with a motorcycle to ride?

A. Yes, we provide motorcycles for all beginner courses.

Q. What sizes are the motorcycles you provide?

A. We use 125 cc up to 500 cc training motorcycles.

Q. Can I ride my own motorcycle in the class?

A. You are required to provide your own motorcycle in the Experienced or Advanced Rider Courses. You MAY use your own motorcycle in the beginner course IF it has been modified to accommodate a disability. If you want to ride your own motorcycle in a class you must provide proof of insurance and your motorcycle must pass a pre-ride safety inspection. You may ride your personal scooter in the beginner class as long as it has an engine size of 50cc or above, is insured, and passes a safety inspection.

Q. Can I take the class on a scooter?

A. Yes. The State of Missouri classifies scooters with an engine size of over 50ccs as "motorcycles" eligible for a full Class M" endorsement. You may use your personal scooter or borrow one of ours if one is available. Your personal scooter must be over 50 ccs, and not over 500 ccs, have insurance, and pass a safety inspection in order to be used in the class.

Q. What happens if I am late or do not show for a class?

A. If you are late for any reason or fail to show up to the class, your registration fee may be forfeited. Check with your training provider to confirm their policy before you register.

Q. I lost my completion card, how do I get a new one?

A. Duplicate completion cards can be ordered from the MMSP state office at 660.543.8416. There is a $15 replacement card fee.

Q. Will I get a discount on my insurance?

A. Check with your insurance company to see if they offer discounts for motorcycle safety classes.